clones all around flying em drones ,,, under ground tunnels ,,, keep experimenting to make us cyclones ,,, less than 1/2 population made at home ,, rest come from nazis science lab ,, mfkers thinking I need rehab ,,, they throw em jabs ,,, back stabbers ain't never glad ,,, we off jurisdiction ,, corrupted ,, beasts ,, continue to feasts ,, on our melanin pineal gland ,, physicians constantly checking out thyroid gland ,,, all in em hands ,, look how the stand ,,, making sure we healthy enough but dead enuff ,, for em vampires ,, thinking Hollywood is playing ,, knowing its a revolution ,, AINT no constitution ,,, no ones with comprehension just built up tension ,, that's why media quick to mention ,, on fake distraction ,, all hillucination ,, no gratification ,, blood banks keep asking for more ,,, plasma worth more ,,, than al gore ,,, they keeps us stored ,, in time capsules ,,, no such think as 12 months ,, add one more ,,, Gregorian calendar made by whores ,, they got something wicked in stored ,,, magicians and Vatican phedophiles ,,, all rooting for more tithes ,,, children being used for sacrifice ,,,

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