The "Just So Happened" Lit

1. The opposite of synchronicity.

2. When a person sees groups of chaotic or symbolic events in their life as something that "just so happened" or "just keeps happening to me" instead of seeing the patterns of chaos vs the higher self.


3. When people say "Everything happens for a reason" instead of believing that "YOU are the reason that everything happens.

 4. Once you are Knowbody then you see life in certain synchronicity patterns of symbols telling you which way to go. If you listen, you will see the reward. If you do not listen to the patterns and symbols, the road will lead you to chaos and despair. The JUST SO HAPPENED LIT is the person who keeps seeing chaos and despair but keeps thinking that it "just so happened", but subconsciously, they would know where they went wrong if they simply retraced their steps.


5. People who see events as coincidental instead of inevitable. People who have a hard time finding purpose in the small chaotic events that change the entire course of the day, which in turn changes the entire course of their life.

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