Hip-hop veteran drops hard-hitting new single ‘Bullseye’

INGLEWOOD, CA – If you listen to a Madd Pupp album, you won’t just have hard core lyrics but also social commentary and hustle music, and a little something for just about everybody. That’s the kind of diversity that this West Coast artist has built his career on over the past 20 plus years, and it’s what continues to drive his success as a notorious hip-hop musician today. His most recent single, “Bullseye”, is yet another example of the kind of sit-up-and-listen music he makes.

“Bullseye” is a lyrical, hard core song from Madd Pupp that displays his braggadocio style perfectly. Utilizing an electronic sound underneath a hip-hop vibe, “Bullseye” is a song that tags people who don’t like what Madd Pupp is saying and basically tells them what he thinks with unvarnished truth.

“No one is really saying anything new these days. It’s just how it’s being said that makes you stand out,” Madd Pupp said. “I’m kind of blended between East and West Coast sounds. I have a hard core braggadocio East Coast style, but that’s blended with a West Coast execution and lyrical style. Plus, I’m speaking about things going on in the West Coast, even though I execute that with more of an East Coast style. Through everything, I’m talking about the realism of what is. Everyone who meets me and hears my music say, ‘You fit what you’re saying.’ That’s because of the realism of me being me and showing you who I am through my lyrics.”

Madd Pupp’s music weaves stories from his life or from things he’s seen firsthand with social commentary and opinions about issues that he feels the need to speak on. That realism is what he’s hung his hat on all these years, and what he hopes people remember of him long after he’s gone. And even though his forte is rap music, he also has the ability to write for different genres and has made waves with different sounds and styles over the years. Some of that diversity will be explored on an upcoming album called “Real Talk,” which he plans to release before the end of the summer.

Despite minor setbacks throughout his career, Madd Pupp has entertained the world almost continuously since he first got started in 1995 as part of the notorious West Coast album “Ghetto Life.” He’s worked with several legendary producers such as DJ Mike Tee, DJ Slip, DJ Battlecat and DJ Chilly Chill – and has collaborated with many other artists. To say he has a history in and out of the music industry is an understatement. And today, he’s working hard to establish his independent label and leave a real mark on the world through his music.

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