1.  It is known that Set cut Ausar's body into 13 pieces.  It is a lesser known jewel that the 13 pieces were mutilated before being scattered throughout the land.  This was done in an attempt to further separate the one body, so that even if the pieces were put back together, they wouldn't be able to recognize themselves as one body.

2.  Mutilation is symbolic of the one family being one body, separate from each other as individuals, and also mutilated in spiritual connection and ideology.  This is why different family members attend different churches and some might not attend church at all.  Some families will have Muslims, Rastafarians, Catholics, Moors, baptists, Methodists, and African spiritualists all attending the sameThanksgiving dinner, for example.  This is mutilation.  

3.  Other examples of mutilation may include:

Walking into a room full of people who are all using their phones and not communicating with each other.  

How the 50 states all have their own laws and customs.

Eating a meal without saying a blessing and giving thanks to your ancestors.

Not visiting the dead or building a monument for your lost ones.

Not sharing mythological  stories about your ancestors and lost ones.

Holding grudges with family members and not forgiving.

Any type of mental separation from the family as a whole.

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