Dark Flow (Triple Darkness)

1.  Ether is to be thought of as the unseen underlying fabric or medium that waves and vibrations travel on.  The cosmological horizon can be thought of as the "edge" of the universe that can be observed from earth.  This "edge" of the observable universe is "expanding" into something called "dark flow".  

2.  When you think of a balloon expanding, it can be easily understood that the 

balloon is expanding into the observable air that we consider time and space, or the fourth dimension.  The universe expands the same way, however it is not expanding into anything "tangible", "observable", or "practical" enough to even be called "chaos".

3.  The Big Bowl of Nothing can be thought of as "potential" chaotic energy that can be manipulated into a manifestation of tangible, physical matter.  Inside the third eye, chaos should be symbolized by the number zero, or cypher.  Dark Flow, or triple darkness, can be thought of as "the potential to create potential chaotic energy", or 000.  This is why zero is the opposite of ALL numbers and anything multiplied by zero equals zero.  This thought can also be manifested by asking "What was God before he revealed himself as God?"

4.  The ouroboros is the ancient symbol of the snake eating itself, which is symbolic of never ending rebirth, or Resurrection of Self.  It also means that that beginning and ending are one in the same.  This is similar to the Christian notion of God being the Alpha and Omega.  Even in ending, there is a new beginning.  This is how infinity, or the seventh dimension, was created.

5.  Ein Sof is the Kaballistic approach to explaining God before his self manifestation.  The Big Bang can be thought of as an explosion, but from God's point of view, it was an implosion.  God "withdrew" from himself, creating a "vacuum" effect of our universe, making it appear to be going down a drain.  The more that God "withdraws" from Himself, the more he appears to "expand" into dark flow from our point of view.  This "withdrawal" gives birth to the infinite potential to create a nucleus for every atom in the universe, regardless if it can be physically manifested or not.  In kaballah, this concept is called Tzimtzum.  In science it is known as "dark energy".

6.  Chaos can be thought of as unpredictable, disruptive energy before physical manifestation.  Agents of chaos are considered the "hosts" of this physical manifestation.  Dark energy (triple darkness) can be thought of as the potential etheric chaotic energy before it actually manifests as chaos.  Dark flow is the 360 degree outward direction that this energy "forces" the universe to travel in as it continues to expand into "itself".  This gives birth to the ten dimensions that can be observed with the eye by meditating.  This also gives birth to infinite universes within universes, though infinite potential.  This is what manifested the original mind.

7.  The concept of Set murdering his brother Ausar and splitting up the body into 13 pieces can be thought of symbolically as God choosing to reveal Himself to Himself as God, but in doing so, it created a void of unbalance throughout the universe.  This void could only be "balanced" was by God separating himself into twelve physical zodiacs of time and space.  There was also a hidden thirteenth zodiac known as Ophiunchus, which is the zodiac that is said to most resemble God, but in human form.  Ophiunchus can be thought of as all twelve zodiacs combined into one person, and cannot be revealed until all twelve zodiacs are completely understood and pop locked.  This is similar to the Tony Fabo lit, which is a combination of all avatars, giving birth to Godbody.  By studying the behavioral manifestation of energy in the personality of all twelve zodiacs, one will develop the personality of the Ophiunchus, who overcomes the physical limitations of the "void" of infinite personality and avatar pop locking.  

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