Poetry in Motion

1. The notion that a scientist, mathematician, doctor, or religious scholar cannot explain and break down the cosmos better than a poet can. Only a poet can properly explain the balance between mankind and God.

2. Not being confined to the limitations of science and religion, but being able to transcend both and use whatever pieces necessary in order to effectively communicate concepts that have deeper meanings.

3. In the film, Mindwalk, It was the poet who noted that he was much more than atoms and molecules...and he was also not confined to religious dogma. He believed that he was part of this universe and not limited to anything at all. The conscious and imagination is infinite. It can be argued that only a poet can find a perfect balance of both.

4. In the film Contact, when Jodie Foster's character sees the entire universe, she realizes that she does not have the words to express the beauty that she was witnessing. She says " They should have sent a poet", because he would been able to accurately describe the beauty that she was seeing. This is do to the Bastard Language Lit.

5. Using the perfect word combinations and lettering to describe feelings and situations that under normal circumstances, would be almost impossible to describe. Over standing the limitations of the Bastard Language Lit and using poetry as a way to accurately communicate feelings that should have never been expressed.

6.  The making of creation.  Unlimited creation with multiple dimensions that transcend space, time, and location. 


7.  During the resurrection of the Wu Tang Clan, the lyrics to their lead song "Triumph begins with the lyrics "I bomb atomically./ Socrates, philosphies, and hypothesises/Can't define how I be dropping these mockeries./"  This is a symbol of the infinite original mind that is not limited to the laws of physics, space, or time.

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