Resurrection of Self

1.  The process of reprogamming the self with the values of the beginning of knowledge.  Because the beginning of knowledge is eternal, anyone who can live by those values will eventually become the beginning of knowledge.  The process of bringing forth such values is called "the Resurrection of Self".

2.  Before one begins to live his life in accordance to the beginning of knowledge, they are considered "dead".  When the spirit of Auset comes and unveils the layer of ignorance, revealing the potential of the true God your body, you will go the "Total Recall".  It is after this process that you will experience "Never Forget Some Shit That You Forgot", and realize that you already knew the beginning of knowledge, but are now able to see how you were manipulated into not following it in the first place.  It is then that you will begin to rebuild your life and follow the laws of the beginning of knowledge, thus resurrecting the Godbody, from the god within. 

3.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very foundation of the religion.  It is believed that because Christ died, resurrected, and ascended into heaven, that his sacrifice is the salvation for the forgiveness of our sins.  It is because that his life was chosen to represent the holiest concepts ever brought to man, that he must be brutally murdered, in order for the story to spread, thus making the virtues come to life.  Anyone who chose to live their life in accordance to the laws of Christ would find the ultimate salvation and the key to heaven on earth. 

4.  The original story in the beginning of knowledge is that Ausar was murdered by his jealous brother Set, who in turn took over the kingdom of Kemet.  Set chopped Ausar's body into pieces, mutilated the pieces, then scattered them throughout the land.  Auset collected the pieces and put the body back together, missing one piece.  After a golden replica of this piece was created, Ausar "resurrected" as the sun God Heru.  His birth is a symbol of the eternal knowledge being reborn and resurrected on earth. 

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