City of Israel            

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Black crows hover over the land ,along with gray clouds mixed with patches of clear blue skies. There seem to be somewhat of a haze in the air it was the month of january but the temperature was 90 degrees for the last three years it had been unseasonably warm cop cameras laced the landscape upper strata sphere as the jinn sent whispers’ of murders an last night’s game win along with greetings of complements on the type of shoes being worn.


The police race to an fro.The people seem rushed to no destination, the city was made of stone, trees where an endangered species where the grass fought for space to grow. While jets flew 100 miles high spraying titanium,barium, aluminum, chemicals changing the weather pattern, an lowering the physical vibration of the body making you more vulnerable to suggestion on a subliminal level. As the white lines fall they spread like a blanket over the atmosphere forming a white cloud void of form. Which blotted out the sun, after, it ether rained snowed or got cold, in the days to come. The funny part is that no 1 noticed ,who looks up nowadays .The police perform security checks on the locals.There stood a church on every other corner mixed in with liquor stores and drug spots all a half miles apart by design. Cars that resembles big wheels raced in an out of traffic spilling sound sounds of murder ,drugs,money,clubs,within the hours of 1-8 o'clock ,also known as the hour of Sebek aka thee dawn of the underworld. Locked in the 8 sphere,Smith arouse [playtime].let the games begin,[its Friday]…The 

human baby is born without an education.Therefore man possesses the power by controlling the educational training of the younger generation, greatly to modify the evolutionary course of civilization .A land taken over by foreigners, the children lost their culture, the torchbearers lost the light ,the city moved backwards.. No that the homes ,churches, and schools of one generation predetermine the character trend of the succeeding generation.Whats wrong with these kids today, they asked? Only not to reflect on what happen yesterday..Set broke the language bearer of the people he knew that language insures the expansion of civilized thinking and planning, causing a great need to further linguistic development, to facilitate the expression of the [higher thought]...How can u fight a enemy u can’t speak of………Smith dominated the Land. The scent of fresh cooked swine filled the air,Witch Craft griped the mind of the city..A new legion of demons had descended there presents brought forth night walkers who take the body of the mindless In the seen world they were known as hypes [the underworld shows its face] Their job was to control the money flow of the drugs and gangs who they favored they gave power; who they hated they destroyed. A[ set up] was there weapon of choice, while the witches channel there next victim..They use the women as portals unknown to her or the man.. Holidays appeared to be meant for family, but to the crafts sole purpose was the absorption of concentrated thought from the masses to a thing place or day..Over which a ceremony was performed… Many prophets died from this act. The people never notice the synchronicity of their demise. Witches always set the stage,all they need are thee actors. TAKE ONE……Set believe that men with bad instincts are more in number than good, and therefore the best results in ruling them are violence and terrorization, and not academic discussions.. The prophets must die

.Set knew that every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could.The Gang Chef was produced. Rare indeed are men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of the all for the sake of securing their own welfare, aka [I gotta get mind].. Mentality was sent forth..Send off men where the offspring of this craft.Soon the terrorist act was passed from this they will proceed forth with adding gangs to this bill,from that the national guard where on there way.The children had no clue ,Decepticom Sets media over ruler down played the violence in the city .It had been forbidden to speak of.20 to 30 people where murdered every 2 weeks ,they only spoke of one ...You cant fight what you cant see .The search continued ...Party was the theme materialism was the force ,nature cringed at the site .All jobs were taken out the city only those pertaining to the female aspect where left behind .Knowing that your here for a purpose while simultaneously seeing no purpose can be crushing in mind .The Fall of Adam .With Eve left to fin for her self she often join the ranks of the society ladies ,who where voluntary followers of corruption and chaos .

The corporation AKA Decepticom ,where paid by the prison industry ,also none a Czar ,not to hire anyone with a back ground .Time and nature didn't matter period . 

To the sum of 130,000,000....Then both team up with the music industry execs to plan a culture of deaf .Everyone got paid,to Decepticom money wasn't the issue...Only the culture of deaf and the execution there of . Czar hale from the land of Nome a descendant of old school skull hunters ,200 years ago later the prison industry .Located in Prison City.There measurements consist of head counts .The younger generation was being slaughtered Czar seen this as a potential problem .The future stock was in jeopardy .If all the young where killed then the penitentiary would have a low head count .So they sent the mayor a letter ,telling him to fight against the murders of the young and in his favor it would appear to the people that he really cared ."Mask the Motive "

Some of the letter read~ "Help us check the balance of our losses .Arrest them and we will give them double life sentence's .That way we will make up for the potential inmate that has been loss and do us a favor ,"Please inform the courts on the subject on not sending us pregnant females for they cost more than gains,if anything else they put a strain on the flow .We know u mean well and will consider our plea thank you good brother an God bless"~Ruthless.....Form the book City of God....             



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