Tales from the Hood presents {Heru build with the young gods }


 We came to this place in the present not knowing our true past, told to believe anything but the right thing ..In the scope of it all we are not in kind form when it comes to  the character of our nation ,race ,where r our fathers  what happen to our mothers ,no one send us knowledge to where we can feel ,the Lang we speak holds no value in its tongue  but we have an ancient mind frame, that give u the ability to re frame the Lang in order to get your  point across, or relay a message to a receiving conductor  electricity   is everywhere  look around  as we sit in this park  ,there r forces  trying to enter our cipher as well as forces repelling the break up , notice how u can still hear gunshots but feel  peace simultaneously ,the wind  is blowing the trees  r cheering  at the same time u hear the call of the wild rocks blows park..  Out there r our brothers and sisters and we love them dearly but they have been deceived with no answers to their question.  As a child  they wonder why God get one day out the week 4 days out the month  if he and only he reign supreme , so over time the mind  sees God  as second and the world aka matrix as first, it’s called reason  over spirit  the reason I kill is to eat.


     Nor do they not know if god feed the birds surely he will feed you ...We have been trained  to  depend  on a artificial father that tell u  to uplift the ego  and put down spirit , and surely we will  provide  the  images for u to follow ... when u listen to rap they talk at u  they brag about what they got they reassure u that your nothing and that they'll  even take your wife  do u have  a million  dollars  ?  While u bob your head to the beat.. So your subconscious step outside of u and ask, who is this u listen 2 all day that downing u how can u kick it with a person that talks shit to u all day and boast about how much they got an how little u got do u really feel good, no, it causes a sudden depression an u feel tired an low, so u get more drugs more liquor more dope, u r being set on a low frequency.. Notice that the substance can get u there only if u use it in moderation, many people abuse it that when it becomes a problem, all u need to do is cross over that’s it ...switch to a altered state of mind very lightly, stepping into the either...here your imagination is the key. It hold the power of creative thought, without it the mind become very dull and base in its nature, u lose charisma, your charm hardens, you find fewer things to think about so you don't think you react, most women deal with the world in this fashion, an as time goes on the men picks up on this model of motion, with less male role models to copy, the feminine energy prevails.

...Look fell as there is something in the air that’s causing the mother to abandon her child ,which tells me that the earth is angry. The wind blows harder causing the trees to cheer, as the moon lite up the area where Heru sat. 

  We seem to be put in a state of every man for himself. Tyon was a lad from the South-side he was raise in a single parent household aka by his mother he had 2 sisters and a uncle that was on drugs, who taught him most of his wisdom.  Even though he was a druggy the pain that came from that lifestyle, gave him deep wisdom, the crack released him from the materialism of the world .the bad part is the he just wanted crack.  Tyon mom had become very selfish in her ways ,it bothered him that a man always come first be 4 him and he felt his role in life to her was to get a job an help her with the bills while she took care of a grown ass man.


        Tyon ask Heru, what happen to the love of mother for her child? Rocks blows park rock blows park flows in the back ground. Heru turned to Tyon and took a very deep breath a subject that was very familiar to him a story he know all too well. It  had been a dark chapter in his life , Heru seen his mother eye grow very dim over the years ,the bright glow that was once there diminished ,it was as if something else had took over her ,and with no guidance her heart darken, as Heru look into Tyon’s eyes , Tyon could feel the words as if he spoke but Heru said nothing ,as a tear fell from Tyons eye I understand ,bro ....my father has died was all Heru said....the wind blew harder. Heru adjusted his earring, as if to collect himself..Lets continue on, the moon beamed as the street lights blink off and on {The mother will eat their young  and the father will turn against the son} ......City of God

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