What ima do with this stix said I came to rap u no blow back an flow…Sugar an spice/ ten times nice/equal god light/four times black mean im back/ army fatigue weed be green /the devil materialize into a dream/get the shovel/black rubber band/black running man/times at hand timbs braze the land/he lazy man/drop a jewel/double karct 4 ice chips u lose/play the fool/never quit losers throw a fit/fatherless pit reckless shit I spit/lord forgive me to blow in this life/I grab my sight an showed it whats right/Newport box lite after a fight/Michel Jordan symbolize/black negrows can elevate to the height of sky's so realize /please don’t ask why/ i tell u no lye/they tried to still our lite/as poemoe flowed he noticed the sun started beaning through the window of Beelzebub studio, Beelzebub nodded as to say keep going…poe clinched the head phones as the rays from the sun bling off his ear peace…./free yourself from the past /free yourself from the future/free yourself the from the present/cross over to a none existence getto equizit highly   intelligent/I compose of 6 elements/solid like a rock/fluid like my lyrics/heat from the glock that burn/told u twice I ant nice/dark as the night/ my pen split ice/ these songs I write/24/7roll the dice this game we play anit shit nice/cobra king/hold my dream/for the beat im a fiend/wit no love ima bleed/the general elite/the god of the streets/green drow in the land of david/verse24 palms related/whisper with the wind /blow hell wit the jin/pandoras box change the lock/blue glock lay on a block that hot/lets play may day may day/mirrors reflect my pain/golden brown sand man send me a dream/I cant sleep/the water deep/my bed busted/u niggas cant be trusted/millionaires in a bucket/fuck it we ride rugged/black leather swine recline wutang play softly in a green granprix year 69/birth of a black panther/a thug wit a scar mind resurrected/in these dreadful times/soulless snitches scandalous niggas/big face wishes/picture look suspicious  they flowed on into the night ,this was a weekly ritual for them. they called it{ blowing into the ether}.Where they freed themselves from the realms of matter, as they cried out into the universe for mercy…There style was in the likeness of David and verses was that of palms sweat songs sent to a king..Even thought bezel bulb like Poemoe music he knew there's no way in hell the higher degrees would allow it.,He was taught that the music was to be keep on a certain frequency never to penetrate past the 4rd chakra,…. The reptile brain
 must prevail in there eyes…Heru practice the art of chi through rap, when the mind precedes the body…Aka {blowing into the ether}……  [from the book city of god}

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