His truth is indivisible and whole the perfect cause must produce a perfect effect.I share with you my supreme wisdom, this is the time we reign for ever, never to turn back. To God we will make it appear as their own doing an in that thee will leave them in thee ways for us to rule ..The student of truth will maintain that he lives in a perfect universe, an among people potentially perfect ..There we will intervene ,he will regulate his thinking to meet this necessity and will refuse to believe in its opposite ...For that I have grasps hold of the women next to him mothers an all I have set a force trough the airwaves that will always question his existence. It will make his father’s law seem piety an of a imaginary realm.If there ever to create in their father image he must confine in her, an she must believe in him, there believe in him is where we step inn.My unreality must be her reality, where she will hand over creation to me and my kingdom...At first he may be influenced by conditions that we stage and he may appear to be weak ,must we not let up ,for as time goes on he will prove to himself that his position is a correct one for that which appears imperfect will begin to slip from his experience ..Keep him in this world ,an of this world ,is the key to our strength .We must stop the soul from becoming illumined an acquaint itself with god and be at peace.            [FROM THE BOOK CITY OF GOD].........

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Comment by poemoe on August 10, 2015 at 6:03pm


Salvation cannot be understood without understanding the two types of evil. One stems from ignorance the other Setism or Satanism, or pure evil. We have been speaking about the origins of the first type, ignorance, throughout this book. Its the result of not knowing right from wrong. You don't know that peace is your nature, hence it is your natural and correct response to all of life's challenges,therefore you indulge the anger, etc. This is evil due to ignorance. The other is Setism or Satanism, from "Set" the principle within that destroys "man's" divinity-his conscience. You are Set or a Setian or a Satanist when you are in full knowledge that a particular behavior goes against divine law and you choose to do it. Or you are committing many wrongs in life out of ignorance but Know that spiritual work will eliminate the evil from your life, yet you choose to not do the work. You are not yet Setian, but you are on your way. Incidentally, we must note that in both cases we are speaking of people who are free of significant brain disorder.


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