1. This weapon originated out of Hoodx Universe. In an attempt to form a path committed to the will of the sender...

2.  Form a 3 point star pattern similar to the "Hail Mary" motion, but instead of a cross, you form a pyramid.

3.  First, touch your forehead... down to the right shoulder... then over past the chest... to the left shoulder, then back up to the forehead, indicating the right brain controlling the left...

4.  Next imagine in that, is a sun as u make a circular motion with your hand open then push forward as if to send the symbol out before you..

5.  This weapon is generally used at the very beginning of your day .Also every time you set motion forth.  Use in the leaving of a place and the start of a new destination.

6.  .This will block out most unwanted energy's an traps set by Agent Smith,then it pulls that energy back into itself, using it as an extra power source, "right brain controlling the left".  This is the third Eye.

7.  Imagine a white, yellow, orange, and red beam with thin streams of blue... shooting out before you then spreading out east and west at the same time... creating from the same material as the matrix, but in your likeness.  This thought alone is powerful enough stand alone the act of making the symbol .  Here is where faith comes in an creativity goes out ....The X man of the unseen.....




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Comment by Shuzan Socks on September 28, 2014 at 7:40pm

I will definitely use this Weapon, along with cleansing! 

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