The Agent Smith Lit:

1. This is one of the important jewels that you could ever know, but it is also one of the most complex jewels as well. Agent Smith is the character from the Matrix, who multiplied himself into other people in order to "keep the system going. There are many ways to symbolize this.


2. All of your enemies are really one person. This is the ego; the lower version of yourself. This is only a shadow version of your true self. The "Agent" inside everyone is ruled by CHAOS and lower thoughts, such as desperation, lust, confusion, greed, jealously, selfishness, impulsive behavior, and most importantly, DISTRACTIONS. All people who get "caught up in the moment" or distracted are "AGENTS OF CHAOS". You never see SMITH coming. Neither do they.


3. Other "AGENTS OF CHAOS" will subconsciously try to bring you down to your lower self. All conversation that is not of the higher-self and about the MOST HIGH is lower self thinking. In some cases, it can be almost like an animal. AGENTS do not know that they are AGENTS.


4. Every time you reach a HIGHER THOUGHT that you were not supposed to understand, CHAOS will try to distract you from fully grasping that THOUGHT. In fact, something should be distracting you at this very moment from fully understanding this THOUGHT, whether it be a phone call, the television, radio, or someone demanding your attention this very minute. THIS IS SMITH.


5. In the movie FALLEN, starring Denzel Washington, Azazel was jumping from person to person singing "Time is on my side" to taunt Denzel, because Azazel couldn't get inside of him. Denzel started to realize that his only enemy was jumping from person to person causing chaos in his life. THIS IS HOW SMITH WORKS.


6. Once you understand how SMITH works, he will reveal himself to you through other people and their chaotic behavior. He will do it with such synchronicity that no person will understand but you. Each enemy is placed in your life at that specific moment in order for you to fight a specific battle in your life at that time.


7. Friday is SMITH DAY, the most CHAOTIC day of the week. There is more chaos on Friday that any other day of the week. This includes dropped phone calls, bad traffic, paychecks, drugs and alcohol, loud music, police regulation, and the upcoming weekend. DESPERATION is always in the air on FRIDAY, and AGENTS FEED on this energy like children love to feed on sugar.


8. SMITH is symbolized by the Devil in Christianity.


9. Do you remember what the Joker did with all of the money that he stole from the bank? It's okay...Nobody ever does. He BURNED IT. When a confused Bruce Wayne asked Alfred, "Why would he burn the money?", Alfred replied "Some people just want to see the world burn."


The Joker described himself as an AGENT OF CHAOS in the DARK KNIGHT movie. He has no plan. "I just doooo.....things."


10. In the movie ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, an AGENT explains "See sometimes when people spill their coffee, or their internet goes out, or...or they misplaced their keys, they think it's chance. Well sometimes it is, sometimes it's us nudging people back on plan. Sometimes when nudging isn't enough,management authorizes mind calibration.. We deploy our intervention team and they change your mind for you."


11. In the movie THEY LIVE, AGENT SMITH is symbolized by people who looked normal on the surface, but actually had horrible rubbery faces when seen through special sunglasses.


12. In the BOONDOCKS, AGENT SMITH is symbolized as WHITE SHADOW, who Huey can't determine if he is REAL or a "figment of his over active imagination."



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