1.  The concept that a marriage will never be harmonious, therefore you only have one of three options:


    A.  Put yourself to sleep- Ignore the chaotic and lower self behavior displayed by your spouse and choose not to see it.

    B.  A to B relationship-Actually fighting and going back and forth.  This includes actual fighting and breaking things, emotional blackmail, long heated arguments, cheating and infidelity, separation and divorce.

    C.  Tic-Tac-Toe-Not actually fighting, but "nit-picking" just about everything that one partner says.  It becomes an unconscious game of tic tac toe, which gridlocks the relationship.  This will eventually lead to the A to B relationship.


There is a forth possibility, which is called "Congruence", where the two in the relationship actually work together as a team, and occasionally can finish each other's thoughts.  However this requires a spouse who has "good pipes".  If the relationship finds itself in one or more of the three above situations, then there is a good chance that one of them have "fucked up pipes".

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