1. When someone continues calling you talking about nothing of major importance, but when it actually a situation that presents itself where they SHOULD call, THEY DON'T.


2. When someone uses emotional blackmail (chantaje) to keep you on the phone. Or when you hang up and they keep calling right back.

3. When someone ignores an informational text message or email to the bottom of their message list in order to keep socializing with their friends through messaging.  The informational message will appear on the list right below the social messages.  This entire process is part of calcifying the pineal gland.


4.  When you calcify your pineal gland by memorizing ANY organizational structure that is not pertaining to God, or YOU DO NOT DEMONSTRATE HOW it pertains to God.  This includes sports, computer files, recipes, video game walkthroughs  television episodes, movie scripts, songs and albums, internet website structures, map and city structures, etc  .

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Comment by Angela A Simmons on October 6, 2015 at 10:28pm

#4.....Detaching ones self is the the best way to decalcify the pineal gland, detach from processed food, tv, gossip,people, etc. spend time out in nature and sun gazing works wonders 

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