The Chesed Lit

1.  Unconditional, undying mercy that is congruent to the

 personality of the one body.  

2.  You may behave "nicely" to one person because you "like" them even though they may be a bad person.  This tears into your congruence.  "Chesed" is the constant stream of self that shows mercy and kindness without losing values.  

3.  Some examples include visiting the sick, helping the elderly, teaching the youth, burying and visiting the dead, donating money to the poor, making peace and atoning with enemies, washing a baby, offering hospitality to a stranger, courtship of a woman, loving God to the point that you never leave his service, and massaging those who need it.

4.  Chesed cannot be correctly translated to English do to the Bastard Language Lit.  

5.  Chesed is naturally in females.  Men may spend an entire lifetime working on the congruency of their chesed.  Chesed can also be exploited to the point that a man can behave "feminine".  RECIPE

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