The Reset Button

1. Besides the Pink Lilith Avatar and the You Get's No Love Lit from Sacred Agents, the Reset Button is one of the most inevitable and notorious weapons that Set uses in order to defeat the Heru Avatar.  It is "calcification of the pineal gland" that takes Heru out of the form of Het-Heru and returns him into the vortex of terrain, which can be considered "the physical world" from Heru's perspective.    

2.  The Reset Button is considered "falling asleep" then "waking back up".  This is both a mental and physical concept.  If sleep was not necessary, the original mind would be 100% activated and all memories would be available to be poplocked.  However this is not the case.  When the Poematic Avatar returns to the physical vortex of terrain and Set is allowed to rule the night-time ether, Heru is "reset" and his memory is wiped clean as he falls asleep.  When Heru awakens, he must recall his original mind every morning and start over.  This is known as the Reset Button.

3.  The Mad Hatter is the Avatar who rules Tea Time. He is stuck in a time loop of negative behavior that regresses the positive Godbody Avatar back into the negative HOODX Avatars. The Queen of Hearts rules the emotions of the Mad Hatter through fear and greed, which is a gateway to the Amy G Avatar.  Because the Mad Hatter's behaviors are rooted in negative patterns, he will justify his character to himself by handing over his Samson Strength to the lower-self, which is ruled by Agent Smith.   The only way to defeat this internal tug of war avoid being reset.

4.  The Water Lit can be briefly described as acting from an emotional nature instead of acting in a logical and reasonable manner.  Emotion is a very big part of the Reset Button because the lower self responds to what it "feels" instead of what it "thinks".  One might "think" that they want to stop smoking, however their emotion forces them to do what it "feels", which is smoke.  The mind is supposed to control the body.  The body is not supposed to control the mind.  Once the body begins to control the mind, one can be considered "reset".

5.  The Though Hijackers are the Shadow Walkers who intercept higher thoughts and vibrations sent from one person's mind to the next person's mind through communication.  For example, when sending a high frequency thought about the Most High but mixing it with the though of the Delilah Avatar twerking in a bar, the lower vibrational thought is going to have a more powerful impact because the frequency travels at a faster rate.  Once the lower-self begins to vibrate at such a faster rate, the animal breathing begins to take effect, the heart-rate increases, and the higher vibration separates itself from this frequency.  As the body begins to tire itself out and falls asleep, Set "resets" the body through "automatic deeper breathing" while asleep.  This type of breathing "heals" the lower self and is typically not found during awake moments, so the body must be "reset" in order to equalize itself.  

6. Never Forget Some Shit You Forgot is a jewel that reminds that one can forget that they even forgot virtues that used to come natural.  Through Isfet, once one becomes reset so many times, they forget that they are being reset.  Eventually, the harsh reality sets in through the Death of the King and they become permanently reset.  

7.  The Set Lottery is the the backwards thinking of the lower self which is incongruent to the higher self.  This is the frame of mind that Set wants to take Heru into when he resets.  The difference between the Original Mind and the Set Lottery is that the Original Mind is the goal of the HOODX Lit and the Set Lottery is the goal of Set.  

8.  Jump in the Coffin Lit is the concept of "putting oneself to sleep" in order to take partake in lower self activities while still awake.  While jumping in the coffin is a conscious decision to partake in lower self activities, the Reset Button is when those decisions have spread to the unconscious mind and becomes uncontrollable.  

9.  Concentrated Thought is a very simple way to reset Heru.  Sacred Agents use chantaje to subconsciously control Heru through power of suggestion.

10.  Acceptance of the Chaos is the ultimate goal of the Reset Button.

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Comment by Angela A Simmons on October 7, 2015 at 10:40pm

Wow awesome article! one of the things that worked for me was by depriving the body. For example: if im trying to quit smoking I would fast from food and detach from tv,social media. I would spend most of my time in darkness, meditating on where I want myself were to be. This trains the body to have self discipline and to take back control of the mind. 

Comment by Edgar D Landecho on September 26, 2015 at 7:48pm
If we were able to reset our mind the amount of knowledge we would obtain would be crazy

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