UNREALITY IS YOUR REALITY-LIT                              


1. Part of the SET ADDRESS to program women to keep men in a state of fear and confusion.  This is done by keeping things that are "not real" more important than things that are actually "real".  

2.  Listening to a person who is focusing on what's more likely not to happen than what actually probably will happen.


3.  Listening to a person who is focusing on what is "possible" instead of what is "probable".  


4.  Listening to a confused person.  Delusional thinking, but making it "real" FOR YOU.


5. This is also programming Manchurian Candidates  Mason, and agents to respond how they see characters on television respond to certain circumstances   

For example, how a black person would respond if being called a "nigger" by a racist white person has been programmed into blacks for over sixty years.  So "how" a black person would respond to a situation like that has already been subconsciously programmed into him.  


6. Or when women watch reality shows, then try and imitate the responses seen on the show in front of someone else.  The person on the receiving end of the imitation is experiencing "UNREALITY AS THEIR REALITY".  This is an alteration of the one hundredth monkey effect.

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