1.  This is the one of the most ultimate and final goals of the Illuminati.  The hopeful end result of all programming is to produce a circumstance for a person to demonstrate that they have no love left in a person's heart for a particular individual.


2.  Not forgiving an enemy or friend and letting pride take over the heart and come to a decision to "not show love" instead of "showing love."


3.  The spreading of hatred.


4.  The "Who Got the Props" jewel is hidden inside the "You Gets No Love" jewel.  The "Who Got the Props" jewel is when a person decides not to give another particular person their props even though a situation presented itself that they should have.  Once this happens a few times, the "You Get's No Love Lit" will be coming soon.


5.  When all hope is lost on repairing the damage of chemistry between two people.  The Illuminati love this, because a hardened heart is the first step toward becoming the best agent.


6.  "Chesed" is the fourth jewel from the Kabbalah which means "loving mercy". This sacred chokmah jewel must be revealed in order for one to have the true power of judgment by God.  The "You Gets No Love Lit" is when someone chooses to "SHOW NO MERCY", so that they may gain power of judgement over that situation.  In reality, they do not have TRUE power of judgement over that situation until they actually forgive and show mercy.


7.  When someone skips past chesed in order to receive power of judgment.  However, because they skipped pastchesed, there will be guilt or karma to pay for whatever action they chose.

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