The "Source Code" Lit:

 1. When someone subconsciously sees themselves as the end source of all knowledge.  They will never admit this on a logical and spoken level.  In fact, most people under this lit will not even be aware that they are behaving this way until you demonstrate this jewel.


2.  This thought is what produces the Exaggerators.

 3.  Symptoms include not being able to successfully join other organizations as well as jumping from organization to organization but bad mouthing the former organizations they were a part of.

4.  When the ego is still a part of your spiritual journey.

5.  Rejecting knowledge before it gets a chance to properly present itself and the person not giving an "honest look" at the information before criticizing and judging it.

6.  Talking shit about something that's based on preconceived notions.  

7.  Prejudice against knowledge.  The hatred of new knowledge.   


8.  Exaggerating knowledge or making fun of a person who is trying to give knowledge.  


9.  In the film "Menace II Society" when Cain is robbing the victim for his car, the victim tells Cain "We're supposed to be brothers."  Cain replied "What you trying to kick knowledge?" then proceeded to steal the car anyway.  This is an example of Source Code.  Jay-Z also used this line in a rap battle against Nas.


10.  The "Main Stream" information overrides the new knowledge.



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