New Jersey native makes statement with forthcoming single ‘Made It Happen’

PEMBERTON, NJ – Water has always played a prominent role in the life of Shane Young-Lopez. As a child, the New Jersey native was always fascinated by water – whether it was in swimming pools with friends or in study of marine life. He would eventually go on to study marine biology in college. But science turned out to be a different lane than his overly creative mind wanted to go, and so instead he has pursued more artistic passions – specifically, music.

Adopting the stage name Yung Aqua, this budding new musician from the Northeast is set to launch his first single on Feb. 28. The song, “Made It Happen,” is one that he describes as “ambitious” and a “statement piece” that announces his talent to the world. “It’s basically about me trying to make a living off my music and make a name for myself while also getting out there and having fun with my music,” Yung Aqua said. “It’s a club track with a trap beat, and people will really like it. I have always liked having fun with my bars, and I have a different way of putting stuff together while still having a good time and partying. This song really represents that.”

Though science was always forefront in his mind while at school, he has always been someone who enjoyed music and by high school he was starting to get serious about creating his own songs. He bought a bunch of production equipment and spent hours and hours learning things about the industry from videos on YouTube. What started as inspiration from Michael Jackson while Yung Aqua was just a boy, bloomed into inspiration from many other artists through his YouTube research.

“The more I studied, the more I realized that music is my passion and that I just want to make a career out of it,” he said. “I wanted to do something cool. My name, Yung Aqua, is something that I hope people associate with being adventurous, but also down to earth and chill. I just want to be known as a guy you can really fuck with. I’m not a mean person, I just want to create dope music and have fun.”

In addition to his new single, Yung Aqua said he’s also working on a bigger project called “Darkest Flower,” which he hopes to release this spring. The EP will have a “dark, chill vibe to it” that he hopes people will use to just listen to and relax.

In the meantime, to listen to Yung Aqua’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:
“Undertow” EP

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