Yung Paid continues string of hits with new single ‘Count It Up’

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – Music has been an inspiration for the entirety of Yung Paid’s life. He grew up on the streets of North Philadelphia where some of his earliest memories of people free-styling on street corners came from. His father – known professionally as Paid –& was also a famous graffiti artist in Philly and dabbled with music. So when young Reid began to showcase a natural talent for rap by age 12, it was only natural for the people within the city to start referring to him as Yung Paid.

Today, Yung Paid has parlayed that natural skill into a budding musical career that is already gaining him a lot of attention across the U.S. Now operating out of Broward County, Florida, Yung Paid is set to drop some new music, starting with a new single that came out Jan. 20 called “Count It Up.”

“It’s a song that’s all about the grind,” he said. “Everybody has to get up in the morning – whether to go to work or do your thing or maybe you have your own business, we all have to get out and grind. Sometimes you can’t even sleep because you’re so used to the grind, or your body’s alarm just keeps going and grinding every day. This song is mean to make everybody feel good, spread positive vibes, and give people energy and motivation.”

The upbeat nature of the song is indicative of most of Yung Paid’s music. He said he wants his music to be known for spreading good vibes. “Count It Up” is just the most recent example of how he’s spreading those good vibes through upbeat music. He’s been dropping singles for the better part of a year, with two more singles slated to drop in the next couple of months before he releases a full album later this summer. That album, which he’s calling “First Signs of Loyalty,” will be released under his record label, PNF.

“That has two meanings,” Yung Paid said of the record label’s name. “First, I like the movie ‘Paid In Full,’ and I like the idea of that. But it also stands for Philly In Florida. More than anything I want my label to be known for staying focused and determined enough to always go get it – whatever ‘it’ is for you. You can reach higher platforms of success as long as you keep grinding and going for it. No matter how low you get, you can always reach higher and keep going.”

Throughout all of his music, Yung Paid shows off a unique sound and style that is pure hip-hop. He doesn’t mumble rap, but instead brings bar-for-bar honesty of stories from his life and the things he experiences every day. Taking a cue from some of his favorite artists – such as Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa– Yung Paid said he wants to be original and to motivate others through his music.

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