1.  A chamber is a very specific situation that is based on certain degrees of drama that can be communicated under the HOODX Lit.  This is also considered "the act" or conditioning of drama that plays out based on how the stage was set.  Chambers are of a world of their own.  Each chamber has it's own set of rules, laws, and physics.  

2.  Before understanding what a chamber is, most people approach a particular situation "blind".  They typically don't have a way to identify each specific incident of random drama that plays out on a day to day basis.  To those who identify with exaggerated abstract thinking, Babylon Privilege, under the Water Lit, or under the Just So Happened Lit, the thought of labeling specific incidents of drama can seem ridiculous.  Therefore, they will most likely be unable to ask the right questions to properly examine each situation with a scientific mind.  A chamber is a somewhat generalization of probable and predictable drama based on preconceived studies of nationality, religion, astrological sign, elemental style, and similarities to matrix programming.  

3.  The word "chamber" was highly associated with the "36 Chambers", which was a film that eventually inspired the events that led to the Wu Tang Clan's first album "Enter the 36 Chambers".   The 36 Chambers were degrees of training in martial arts.  Each chamber became more increasingly difficult as the student progressed.  The other factor that made the process more difficult was the fact that each chamber was completely 

different from the prior one, and there were no particular similarities between them.  The only way to properly describe the similarities between such complicated, unrelated degrees of training is to recognize the platform itself, which is known as "chambers".

4.  A chamber can be thought of as an invisible room in the subconscious that one feels a certain level of comfort or discomfort.  For example, preconceived notions about women versus preconceived notions about men are very different.   The examples that are given are known as "chambers".  This also applies to situations that deal with nationality, astrological, elemental, religion, and the history of how one perceive their own life...which is known as R6.  

5.  When reading the HOODX Lit, each specific numbered bullet point is a "chamber".  Some lit may have three chambers, others may have ten.  Because jewels and symbols are multidimensional and have multiple meanings, each angle is considered a "chamber".

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Comment by Auset Mchristion-Thomas on September 21, 2015 at 11:32pm

Sebek is the faculty that enables us to separate and label parts of a whole, or members of a group on the basis of their external differences. Without this faculty we would look at an event or thing, and not be able to distinguish its parts or phases. Yet, because of it we segregate things and events that belong together into air tight compartments, based on their superficial external differences, and thus create a host of problems in the world. This is the source of all the hypocritical acts, contradictions, and the failure to transfer what is learned in a situation to analogous situations. The segregating function of Sebek is chiefly supported by the verbal functions of language; definitions, descriptions and naming. To define a thing is to explain what it is, and is not. I.e., to segregate it from other things. Few people know that verbal thinking, with its definitions and names, is an obstruction to acquiring the knowledge of reality. When most people look at a thing, or event, they fail to see what is really there because the Sebek faculty interposes the definitions and formulas that have been fed us via the educational process. Even where the definitions are useful and correct, there is still a process of substituting the symbols representing reality for the reality itself. Thus, to know reality, the thinking process must be stilled.

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