The Taurusverse

You come into the world alone and you go out of the world alone yet it seems to me you are more alone while living than even going and coming.  -Emily Carr

In a place where all inhabitants have only one half of a soul, the Taurusverse is a ruthless land of pain and suffering where the souls are damned before they are born.  They are brought to this land to be butchered and slaughtered and fed to the masses like ground beef.  

The ground crumbles beneath you.  Your weight carries its own gravity.  The ground keeps shifting like quicksand.

Things seem to change at random.  

In their past life, the occupants of the Taurusverse were kings and queens of a foreign land whose empire crumbled at their own hands.  In their past life, they were filled with greed, sloth, and lust, while they ruled the masses, only to have the weight of their empire crumble beneath them by the hand of Set, who handed their fallen empire over to Yahweh, the Hebrew Lord.  Even though this event happened thousands of years ago, the inhabitants of the Taurusverse are still haunted by these memories of their past life and have an unshakable fear of their merciless ruler and Lord Set, the horned God.  

Since this event, known as Exodus in the Bible, the inhabitants of the Taurusverse have been trapped in a vicious time loop of raw pain and suffering under the hand of Yahweh, ruler of the bipolar waters and the Piscesverse.  Yahweh allowed Set to position the skull hunters and "Czars" who act as judge, jury, and executioner in the City of Isreal to hunt for Heru Avatars in the City of Isreal.    

Because the original mind leads back to the one original avatar, all inhabitants of the Taurusverse subconsciously see themselves as Ausar or Auset.  This completely goes against the programming of the matrix, which is hardwired to lead the higher self to witness Jesus Christ being sacrificed on the cross as a gateway to salvation.  In the Taurusverse, it is the image of raw pain and suffering of Ausar being cut into 13 pieces and mutilated, then put back together that keeps the inhabitants locked into a world of excruciation.  It is the difficult task of slowly piecing every body part back together that keeps the inhabitants of the Taurusverse focused and locked into this horrible world of pain and suffering.  

Kill or be killed.  No one will heal you.  You must heal yourself. 

There is only the self.  

Under the Set Address, all men who do not worship Set are decapitated and mutilated.  Most children have seen their father brutally murdered right in front of them.  Set makes the children witness their father being murdered in order to "remove half of their soul", which is a requirement of all occupants of the Taurusverse, with the exception of Heru, who restored his soul, went against Set, and had defeated him before the Exodus.  This is why most children aspire to become like Heru, who is worshipped in the Taurusverse and seen as a symbol of hope and resurrection of self.   

In an ever changing world full of invisible water and air, the Taurus fights to keep their subconscious intact.  Their subconscious takes them back to their old empire, which was destroyed over 5000 years ago.  Even though this land is gone, the Taurus must roam the earth lost in their own land, haunted in their mind by the images of ruling over the masses in a fallen beautiful empire.


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Comment by K-Blao on August 13, 2016 at 11:29pm

Comment by K-Blao on August 13, 2016 at 11:29pm

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