What is the real definition of words ?

When you speak certain sounds you are negatively invoking, limiting, programming and helping to fully condition your mind into the-bastard-language of control and similar to the spell-eng-bee-of-words.

We all have unfortunately, learned the English language, but want to keep communicating though there are some words in my humble opinion that you should not use at all.  As the the true root the original meaning of the word is not complementary to your higher development, divine nature and can alter you true-focus.

Today, we will look at the crayon color BLACK that is what it is a color in a box.  Black is an adjective i passed 1st grade and know a person place or thing is a noun.

You can find your pride roots by doing your lineage with that is how you get your nationality.  Once you do your roots you can pin it to an area.  Declaring your tribal state hood means to become nationalized.  Your not black that is why you have minimal or no rights.  You can say black is what you want to call it you can even give it your definition, but if we take a look at the etymology of the word black it is described as such:

Black - blac, and blaec, pale, wan, blacian, blaecan, to become pale; to turn white; to bleach; also to lighten; bleak.  (These all came from the 1849, 1854, and 1859 editions of the "Noah Webster's Dictionary".)  With regard to the word "black" this dictionary goes on to say the following: "It is remarkable that black, bleak, and bleach are all radically one word.  The primary sense seems to be pale, wan, or sallow, from which has proceeded the present variety of significations."  This statement is quoted exactly as it is written in Webster's including the italics.  I added the bold and the underline.  After this statement, the dictionary begins to give a list of the "present variety of significations" - such as  "the color of night," etcetera.  One spelling variation that the dictionary does not give for the words "black, bleak, and bleach, is the word BLAKE.  Blake also means black, bleach, bleak, and pale! (yaffabey.com)

So, really unless your skin is pale white bleach is black talking about you?  

With nationality there is usually a language, for instance, an ITALIAN is someone that is native to a land called Italy.  They have a language that is called Italian.  There nationality is Italian they have seal, a flag, a president and currency things that make up a nation empire. There is no currency called black.  Also, there is no dual citizenship.  There is no country called African-America it is one or the other.  Africa is actually a conglomeration of nations because Africa is a continent.  Not to mention the entire world used to be one land mass!

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Comment by K-Blao on June 15, 2014 at 4:38pm

This is an excellent log and I wish that I had seen this earlier.  This is more proof of how we get locked into a false paradigm based on a bastard language.  I will add this blog to the comments on the bastard language lit.  Thank you for publishing this article with us.

Comment by poemoe on June 11, 2014 at 7:18pm

Snapped................i didnt no u did these blog aka Litz

Comment by Mic nerks on August 1, 2013 at 7:58pm

thankhs! i really appreciate that ... hey u should upload a picture if u get a chance or dont mind

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