1.  The mixture of what is fake and what is real.

2.  The opposite of Tehuti.  Presenting staged events in a way that it appears real.  This is how WWE gained noteriety.  They were well known for presenting staged wrestling matches in a way that appeared real.

3.  During the late nineties and early twenty-first century, the world experienced a surge in kayfabe.  "Reality shows like "The Real World" and "Road Rules" would reflect concentrated thought through the main stream of MTV all day, to the point where "marathons" were expected on the weekend.  This eventually led to shows like "Punk'd", "MADE", and "16 and Pregnant".  Talk shows became more shocking in their presentation.  There was a huge soar in the amount of talk shows, including Oprah, Geraldo Rivera, Phil Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael, Maury Povich, Howard Stern, Montel Williams, Ricki Lake, and the king of kayfabe, Jerry Springer.  This was also during the period that WWE went primetime, and presented WWE RAW, and Smackdown, taking kayfabe to an all time high in the main stream

4.  Pee Wee Herman, Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, and Jay-Z, and Sasha Cohen are masters of kayfabe.  There are also many other entertainers who have successfully coined themselves as another character other than who the "really" are.  It can be argued that Michael Jackson mastered kayfabe. 

5.  Set points out in the Set Address that he uses "reality shows" as a way of dictating what type of behavior people should use in certain circumstances.  Because it is well known by Set that images through the main stream are the most copied behavior throughout the planet, Set must keep chaos flowing through the main stream, appearing to look as real as possible.  High definition televisions help reflect these images through the retina, thus calcifying the pineal gland, while simultaneously misprogramming the target, thus transforming them into a virus.  Television shows like the "Power Rangers" and "VR Troopers" were used as tests, to possess and manipulate children into fighting each other when the show ended.  Similar results happened with WWE.  This type of chaos is well known, but it also falls under the "Acceptance of the Chaos Lit".  

6.  During the nineties and early twenty first centuries, many rap artists began to claim that they were "keeping it real" on records.  This is what lead to the murder of Tupac Shakur and Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace.  The artists would proclaim that their music was a direct reflection of how their lives really were.  This was done as an excuse to further shock the listener.  

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