1. Similar to the "JUST SO HAPPENED LIT", but the difference is that this lit is more concerned with the actual gateway of the "unexplained force" that is "higher" than the actions of oneself. 


2.  Being controlled by an "uncontrollable" mystic force that is "above" you.  Some people feel that there is an "unexplainable energy" that manifests itself in a way that is "unexplainable", no matter how many words, symbols, or equations.  This is a gateway to chaos and the "JUST SO HAPPENED LIT."


3. When JOB was cursed in the bible, he battled with a turmoil.  He was about to give up on God.  His wife even told him to give up.  Many of us feel like we are "cursed" or "blessed" by God in way that is so in sync  that it is almost "spooky".  This is the Number 23 lit.                                









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Comment by Joseph McChristion-Thomas on August 27, 2015 at 4:46pm

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