The Blue Beam Lit

1.  The hypotic, holographic, interchangeable, blue stream of pure energy that has the ability to control large amounts of people.

2.  Mastered by Vril scientists, this energy is used to manipulate the R6 programming and calcify the pineal gland.  Blu-ray energy programs the masses through the mainstream media, hypnotizing the viewers to perceive the energy as "real".   As the energy travels through the body, it produces predictable avatars that automatically react to the programming, producing a paralyzed and more controllable environment that is more susceptible to the power of suggestion.

3.  Mainstreamed by an unreleased movie of Star Trek known as "The God Thing", Serge Monast was a journalist who spoke of "Project Blue Beam".  This was an alleged conspiracy that NASA and the Illuminati were attempting to create a New World Religion with the Antichrist at it's head.  They would engineer earthquakes and natural disasters, followed by new religious discoveries, finally ending with a giant space show with three dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world.  Each country will receive a different image according to predominating regional national religious faith. The new "god's" voice will speak in all languages, controlling us through sound and light.  Serge Monast died of a heart attack after being arrested.  This was contrasted in the film "Conspiracy" starring Mel Gibson.    

4.  Facebook, Windows, and many other popular websites use the color blue for their logo because this is the color of the fifth chakra, which is Vishuddha.  Vishudda is also known as the "throat" or "communication" chakra, and is also where the seven musical tones correspond.  It symbolizes socializing and speaking with chesed to your friends and family.  The Blue Beam Lit is the physical manifestation of the Vishuddha chakra, found online, in blu-ray R5 and R6 technology, and holograms.  Facebook, Google, and other sites collect the user's information in an attempt to project marketed media that is congruent to the mind and needs of each specific user.  

5.  On June 12, 2009, all televisions switched over to digital television.  This act also forced all televisions to feed blu-ray R5 and R6 technology in high definition through every household.  This is why before turning the power off on a television, the screen no longer shows static, but a blue beam.  This same concept was the plot in the 1997 film "Batman Forever", where the RIddler had forced Gotham City to switch over to his "Nygma" device, beamed 3D television directly into the mind of the viewer, using green-ray energy.  This is an example of the Blue Beam Lit.

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