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Letters to Amaris Part 2

As I was trying to do some work in this cluttered house, I turned on the tv and lo and behold, there was a 3D cartoon on called "Fanboy and Chum Chum".  And at the end of the episode that I was trying to ignore, there were these three kids who had a genie...and the genie showed up to write down their wish.  WHen they wished to never go to school again along with a bunch of other "kiddy" wishes, the genie told them that he only had one "order sheet" left to write their wish on...so basically…


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Letters to Amaris Part 1

Baby, I know that we are in love...I know that.


But love is making us blind to reality...We can't be DILLUSIONAL. 


There are things that you must know if we are going to be together.


1.  I am under DIVINE LAW and MAAT, which gives me the perception to see situations before they happen. 

2.  If you cannot perceive what I perceive, then we cannot be together.

3.  My perception requires a deeper level of thinking that you have to…


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