Death of King

1.  The traps that Set has laid out that prevents you from opening your crown chakra. 

2.  The actual manifestations of chaotic and seemingly random events that cause distraction and desperation.  These events will cause turbulence in the chakras and cause some of them to close.  This prevents the crown chakra from properly opening. 

3.  The crown chakra is the symbol of the crown that is placed on the "king's" head.  It symbolizes God's thoughts being directly transferred to the mind of the "king".  However, this is an internal ceremony instead of external.  By allowing the Kundalini energy to rise into the Ida and Pingala, it will activate the third eye and pineal gland.  This is the gateway toward opening the crown chakra, which will be a symbol of the crown being placed on the "king's" head.  The "death of the king" are the events that will take place that will prevent the "king" from reaching full potential. 

4.  In the Set Address, Set speaks of the imposing death of the resurrected king, Horace.  He also brags about how he murdered his father, Ausar.  This is a symbol of the unseen chaotic spirits planning to manifest as negativity, disrupting the path of the "king" on the way to the "crown".  The event's will manifest in a way that will make the "king" believe that it is of his own doing.  This will stop him from opening the crown chakra and understanding his connection with the most high, therefore he will be too ashamed to pray to the most high. 

5.  The "crown of thorns" is the crown that was placed around Jesus' head right before he was hung on the cross.  This was a mockery of the real crown chakra that Jesus was symbolically wearing as the "King of Jews".  The crown of thorns is the "pain" that is given to the "king" by not reaching his full potential in his kingdom. (See Jesus in His Own Land Lit)


6.  Similar to the "Jump in the Coffin Lit", in the fact that there is no actual physical death involved, but the internal death of the inner god within.  This stems from Set sending agents of chaos to attack the inner Heru and ressurrection of self.  Agents of chaos"upgrade" and come up with better schemes to further distract Heru and cause chaos and disruption, leading to the "death of the king".

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