Jesus in His Own Land Lit.

1. The concept of the resurrected Christ consciousness attempting to pop lock his energy around his family and friends, but feeling incongruent.

2. The notion that if you feel that you are Christ, then you will be considered crazy.

3. There were many who did not believe that Jesus was the Christ. It was not until he died and the sky turned black did many people realize that he indeed was the Son of God. This is the experience of "Jesus in His Own Land."


4.  The crown of thorns is a sacred symbol of the mockery that the people in Jesus' land displayed.  Also, the fact that Barabus the murderer was sparred and Jesus was chosen to die, also is a symbol of what people thought of Jesus at the time of his death.  This is a symbol of your family and friends choosing death and chaos over the life and light that extends from your inner Heru and resurrection of self.


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