1. The moment that the Nigga With the Backwards Clock exposes the rabbit hole to someone who was asleep and they finish Total Recall and Don't Ever Forget Some Shit That You Forgot. Right before the Resurrection of Self process begins to take effect, they will experience "the Easter" lit, meaning they will be overwhelmed with the information and excited to apply the jewels to their life.

2. The urge to want to go further into the rabbit hole after being exposed to the initial conditions. This is very difficult for someone with "Fucked Up Pipes" or has "Hollow Bones". This person will be excited to undergo the process of Resurrection of Self.

3. Once the ego is destroyed, the body will be ready to undergo Resurrection of Self. This can be contrasted to the death of Jesus Christ, who waited three days before undergoing the Resurrection  The Lit provides the information that will cause the death of the ego, or Agent Smith. At that point, they will be ready to undergo the process of Resurrection of Self.

4. The white rabbit carrying eggs is a symbol of the air moving forward through Dark Flow, carrying infinite potential known as "The Big Bowl of Nothing.Through each "egg" lies the potential of God's light to properly shine through, a process known as zig zag zig, or zag zig zag. This can also be compared to screwing in a light bulb. This gives way to Ressurection of Self. Total Recall is the experience that someone goes through when they realize just how strategic Agent Smith has been in keeping this process from happening. It is right after this process that zig zag zig will happen, which will begin the resurrection process.

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Comment by Dawah Yisrael on July 4, 2013 at 8:11pm
Ego must go indeed

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