The Delilah Avatar

1. The negative female avatar that is locked into a world of unreality, insecurity, CCDD, and the lower three chakras, or lower self. Delilah keeps Samson under her lunar energy by controlling him through his three lower chakras, blocking his heart chakra from fully opening. This leads Samson to have to drink and do drugs in order to balance out his in-congruencies and prevention towards opening his upper three chakras (see Death of the King). By Samson "putting himself to sleep", it allows Delilah's CCDD to rule over him, causing her to become more tyrannical and "the terrorist of the household".

2. Where as Jezebel cannot control her impulses and passion, Delilah cannot control her dreams and desires. She despises discipline, especially from a man. She is insecure and  in-congruent in the presence of Heru, though she will never admit it. She makes fun of knowledge and Samson's feeble attempts to go through Resurrection of Self. What Delilah craves is comfort, food, sex, and security. Money is important to her, but not as much as control over her social value, which is already mutilated by her appearance and behavior.

3. Delilah is usually overweight and insecure about her hair. She even may wear weaves and wigs regardless if Samson finds them unattractive or unnatural. The idea of eating a salad or anything healthy is out of the question unless it will improve her social value. Because she is less cautious than Jezebel, she is much more easily influenced by the power of suggestion, especially by the Deceptacom. Vril scientists do not consider her human, as her genetic make-up has a 0.9% difference in that of a white Anglo-Saxon male. That 0.9% is a large amount of difference, genetically, as a chimpanzee varies from "humans" by roughly, 2%. This is how Vrils justify experimenting on Delilah.

4. Delilah usually has no idea how to maintain control over her diet. Under the Acceptance of the Chaos lit, she accepts the fact that she is overweight. She usually has some sort of addiction to a particular type of food, snack, or beverage that she has absolutely no control over whatsoever. This addiction usually stems from an insecurity that has been with her since childhood. Samson does not understand that this is what makes her an Agent of Chaos and makes her feel the need to give off the illusion that she has Fucked Up Pipes.

5. In the back of her mind, she knows that Samson is right, so she falls under the Imma Get You Back litVrils program Delilah with unreality in order to further mutilate her R6 programming.  This makes her fall directly under the Desperation lit, causing her to produce one of the negative zodiac signs of White Rabbit Avatar, Wizard of Oz Avatar, Scrooge Avatar, or Tinkerbell Avatar. She also must maintain an air of drama in order to manipulate Samson's R6 programming to become more foggy and water-like, causing further calcification of his pineal gland. This also causes Samson to lose his natural charisma and rhythm, as he falls further asleep under her Delilah's lunar energy.

6. The Sun Up/Son Down lit is the jewel that reveals the flaw in the main stream programming of R6. It reveals how we subconsciously think that the sun is inside the earth, going up and down, and likewise, that the man should rotate around the woman. Men are solar based. Women are lunar based, which includes the menstrual cycle. Delilah completely disrupts the flow of Samson's solar energy known as Samson Strength. Under the Bastard Language litSamson cannot verbalized this concept, and under the Acceptance of the Chaos lit, he puts himself to sleep with drugs and alcohol.

7. Delilah usually complains of how she is too hot, or too cold. She may complain of how she has a headache and is tired. This is because Delilah's root chakra is blocked or unproductive. She complains of her love life and how she wants more out of her relationship. There is never enough sex. This is because her second/sacral chakra is blocked ir unproductive. She has no control over her eating habits, passion, and impulses. This is because her third/manipura chakra is blocked or unproductive. Because her lower three chakras are blocked, she never fully opens her heart chakra, thus she becomes more tyranical everyday. Delilah will never be happy. Her insecurities help add fuel to this ring of fire that continues to keep her life spiraling and locking her into exaggerated circumstances. Delilah is a master Exaggerator.

8. Samson is the "graveyard" where she "buries" all of her dead emotions, known as Exit Wounds. The vast amount of Exit Wounds that Delilah produces may even cause Samson to fall under the Supreme Acting lit, Act Like You Sad And Cant See, or the

I Ain't Said Shit Lit.

9. Back in high school, Delilah used to follow Jezebel around and try to imitate her behavior. If she did not imitate Jezebel's behavior, she Put Her Life on the Line and vowed to hate Jezebel. Her relationship with Jezebel as well as everyone else is a love/hate relationship, due to the fact that every circumstance is exaggerated. due to the fact that she is a master exaggerator. and has no Sacred Congruence. This is because she was never practiced Chesed or even bothered to take it serious.

10. At times, Delilah will try to play martyr due to Chantaje and emotional manipulation in an attempt to gain Babylon Privilege. This is taught to her by the Deceptacom who exploits her mutilated R6. Under the Hollow Bones lit, she uses uses tactics to make her social value as someone who is willing to sacrifice, but with strings attached. This is why Delilah may have a great first impression as someone who is very enthusiastic and sacrificial, but this is all part of her manipulation process. She will attempt to make others dependent on her so that she gives off the glow of a saint, to cover up her many insecurities. Like Samson, Delilah lacks class.


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This iz a perfect example of the Delilah Avatar...
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Insecurity is bad... Seems to me like feelings and issues are involved... Some things may stay the same and some things may change!!

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