The Vrils
1.  The mad scientists who no longer fear God.  They are athiests who worship their own work.  They have no human empathy and do not consider the indegenious people "human beings".  Those who wish to create a super race of Aryans to wipe out 85% of the population of lower class people.

2.  Those who built the first UFO's on earth.  It is believed that German occultists recieved transmissions from outer space, speaking an ancient Sumerian language, telling them how to build UFO's.  There were UFO's being built in Nazi Germany back the 1940's. 

3.  The Vrils are not the actual scientists themselves.  These scientist are the "hybrids" of the actual Vril energy, and allow Vrils to use their bodies as tools to complete the complex technological advancements that humanity has advanced so rapidly since World War II.  The Vrils are the scientists who "play God".  

4.  Many new types of electroshock therapy began with German scientists electrocuting dogs in the early 1920's.  It was these types of experimentations that began in Germany, which the U.S. adapted, especially in a situation known as Operation Paperclip, when the U.S. adopted Nazi space technology and formed NASA.

5.  Karl Albrecht, the richest man in Germany, runs the American grocery chain "Trader Joes" and "Aldi".  Karl Albrecht was a Nazi soldier during WWII.  Along with his brother Theo, they became successful in the grocery business, selling generic food in lower class communities at a lower price.  Many of the food is manufactured by companies that are also owned by the Albrecht brothers.  This means that Nazi influences have control over what is put in the food in lower class communities.  Trader Joe's refused to put labels on their food that said "No GMO's", even though there was proof that was shown that it would have boosted their sales.  Cheerio's also paid millions of dollars to prevent laws from being created that would have forced them to reveal all of the ingredients in their food.  

6.  Vril scientists were known for conducting MK-Ultra tests on Manchurian Candidates.  They are the ones who were able to determine which words, sounds, and musical notes set off the reactive chain of emotions in the candidates.  This is how babies were able to tell who was the hero from the villain by the type of musical notes being played in the background.  They also determined which colors could be used to manipulate the emotions of canidates, along with exploiting contradictive chemistry between opposite sex, age groups, race, political standpoints, and religion.  However science and technology has not been limited by anyone but the church, which was over four hundred years ago.

7.  One of the agenda's of Vrils is to make humans become more machine like, and machines become more human like.  These concepts were mainstreamed into films like Titanic, Star Wars, Avatar, the Matrix, IRobot, Iron Giant, Iron Man, Transformers, Skyline, Real Steel, Terminator, and Star Trek.  The Hands with No Face, along with Elf Tower algorithms, and touch screen phones have given birth to a world of predictable behavior that Vrils see as "weak" and "subhuman".  All of the information that is being recorded from social media websites is a test run for Project Blue Beam, which will beam holographic images directly into people's heads, based on their social demographic and internet history.  It is these holograms that will manipulate and exploit the emotional process of human nature.  

8. There is a social awkwardness when communicating face to face with someone after spending a large amount of time communicating through digital media.  Vrils know that many human minds are not capable of communicating fourth and fifth dimensionally while still living a normal day to day life.  The mind goes into a "fog".  This leads to the creation of more Agents of Chaos, distractions, and misdirection, which leads to circumstances such as car accidents because of texting while driving.  Other circumstance may include addiction to digital media.  Vrils love to use circumstances like those because it helps support their theory that minorities are not human.  

9.  Many comic book heroes have origins that are built on the foundation of Vril scientists or the super villian being a mad scientist.  The character Red Skull from Captain America was built on mainstreamed scientific Vril concepts.  Other characters include the Hulk, the Flash, Spider-Man, the Lizard, Magneto, Fantastic Four, Lex Luthor, Iron Man, Hank McCoy (the Beast), Dextor's Lab, Professor Hubert Farnsworth (Futurama), Dr. Alphonse Mephesto (South Park), Jimmy Neutron, Dr. Thomas Light (Mega Man), Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

10.  There is a classic German story known as Faust, which tells a story of a bored scientist who sells his soul to the devil to learn unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures.  This story has been retold thousands of times throughout Germany and the rest of the world.  It is one of the first classic stories of a mad scientist who achieved God-like powers by selling his soul to the devil.

11.  In the film Street Fighter, Dhaslim is the Vril who must "atone" for his sins in creating Mason, who is symbolized by Blanka.  In the climactic fight between Bison and Guile, Bison speaks about his ability to manipulate electromagnetism.  This gives him the ability to fly, which gives him godlike powers.  Similar mythology can be found in the tv series V (2009), where the visitors admit that the manipulation of gravity is the key to their power.  This is Vril mythology in it's finest.  Bison is seen as fearless dictator who is given godlike powers to rule the world.  This is a symbol of Hitler, who was given godlike powers by Vril and Thulean occultists.  Many Nazi scientists were brought to the US after WWII and help set up Nasa.  This was known as Operation Paperclip.  Many of these scientists are still alive today and still have a belief system based on Vril mythology and occultism. 

  The film Total Recall (2012) has a scene when a train-like machine travels through the center of the earth.  When it passes through the center, the gravity "flips".  The train in turn "flips" it's gravity, adjusting to the other side of the planet.  The ancient myth of Agartha is explored in movies like "Journey to the Center of the Earth".  Most of these myths can be found in studying Vril mythology and occultism. 

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