Zombie Land~Tale from the Hood~The Deaf Scroll~

Mamas leaving just to kick it.Leaf smoke lace the rooms,roaches lace the food.witch craft rule. Niggas stabbed in dark rooms,the sun shine on gold pain.the sky
spit tears an rain.White joints an red bullet wounds,black strippers dance an lose.The gods watch silently.Mk-Ultra set the stage. Abraham seeds eyes stay
red.Children of a lost culture,Laws made for sagging pants,his dad lock up 85 years,his brothers funeral 1 tear.Still owe mama on the rent,little sister found the
e-pills my aunt spilled ,teacher teaching empty knowledge,police that's alcoholics.In the shop she speak 20 inch weave i need it long an fiend for methadone.
Niggas in the universe pleading to God not to come to Earth, Supreme matriarch . Black hoodies with red blood stains ,pain follow the DNA strain ,dripping in
the game . Younger brother lost his mind older brother doing time .Little girl sprayed with mase ,little boy shot in the face .Empty shells lay where the children
play ,40 year old shorties ,mothers same age they kids .The Pope retire ,money ,murder ,hoes ,an clubs every 4 bars its black love .N.W.A play from his window
seal pain .22s and Sam Cooke oh pilgrim of sorrow .Think hell live to see tomorrow ,Satan soul she borrowed rob Peter to pay Paul ,Jesus PIECES FROM THE
MALL .Section 8 dreams no father the sun left the earth cold lonely an cursed whats worse hell on earth .5 years old saying fuck you agent smith is waiting 4.6
black magic ,the skull hunters hunts for skull your mental a trophy ,What are we doing~Zombie Land

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