1. The media over ruler who controls and mainstreams the chaotic vril energy and manufactures Def through CCDD.

2. The producers of R6 programming that floods the airwaves with thoughts of buffoonery  CCDD, and hopelessness. This is used as a way to control the masses of preconditioned avatars such as Mason, Samson, Jezebel, and Delilah. Vrils produce "golems" or "Frankenstein" of avatars through mutilation of the mind through manipulation of preconceived notions and exaggerated propaganda. Hegelian Dialectic is used as a weapon to spread CCDD and mutilation.

3. The manipulated algorithms of chaotic preconceived notions of propaganda and concentrated thought through ELF towers, television, and radio airwaves. Digital R5 playback and Blu-Ray high definition visuals further calcify the pineal gland, giving the Kayfabe agenda more success. Power of suggestion becomes easier.MK-Ultra results from the sixties created Manchurian Candidates which made programming contemporary avatars much more easier. Television and Kayfabe became used as weapons of mind control.

4. The Deceptacom controls the flow of information through Google, Yahoo, and social networking sites. They mariginilize the independent thinkers into a controlled statistic, which is dominated buy commercial marketing, business, politicians, and celebrities who fund the Deceptacom. Independent thinkers are further radicalized by manipulation of exaggerated propaganda, the temptation of money and power, and group thought, which will cause mutilation.

5. It is the controlled blue vril energy that flooded the ether, which is symbolic of pouring sugar into someone's gas tank. It exploits R6 programming to control large amounts of people. It is Set's favorite weapon In using women as portals to keep the world locked into a state of CCDD.

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