The Water Lit
 1. Commonly displayed by water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), yet difficult to properly diagnose, the water lit is one of the most infamous jewels in the HOODX Lit.  The water lit can roughly be described as the conscious (or unconscious) decision to act from an irrational and emotional nature instead of logic and reason.  This is a gateway to the CCDD lit.

2.  The water lit offers no reasonable explanation of "Why".  When there is no logical explanation whatsoever other than to serve one's own emotions in spite of contradicting oneself.  The water lit creates self "joy" and "hope" at face value without realizing that they may be undermining their peer's logic and reason. 

3.  Raw emotion stems from the ether and is never seen optically.  The character that triggers from raw emotion is what we call "personality" or "pop locking".  The water lit can be described as "raw emotion breaking through the ether".  This can be synthetically reproduced in films and music.  For example, a "love scene" in a film may contain a man and woman.  The scene may have close ups on the eyes as well as music that strikes a chord in the emotional nature of humans.  Although the drama on screen seems "real" it is actually a symbol to exploit an internal emotion that was never meant to be fully understood in the first place.  

4.  The unconscious refusal to accept one's own dreams and emotions as the source of their problems. This is what leads to the Chris Lighty Avatar and Justify the Character Lit.

5.  The Tinkerbell Avatar is the negative zodiac personality of water signs.  Because the Tinkerbell Avatar comes from a land of emotions, she falls under the MC2=E lit, which means that her own emotions control her and she cannot control her own emotions.  This means that she is not interested in anything that isn't congruent with her own feelings.  The Water Lit means that she is not aware of this fact.  Although this is an abstract concept, it is still very concrete when there is no other alternative in finding a logical explanation towards contradictory behavior that stems from the inability to control one's own emotions.

6.  Escapism is a large chamber of the Water Lit.  This happens when the Tinkerbell Avatar feels like her emotions are not being acknowledged or reciprocated.  The only way that Tinkerbell finds strength is by escaping from something that once gave her strength.   The Water Lit means that she is not aware of this feeling even though it still controls her. TO LISTEN CLICK HERE

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