The Storm Avatar

1.  The black goddess who controls the weather and conditioning of time without time.  She is the daughter of Auset and the sister bride of Heru.  This Avatar is the most rare Avatars of the HOODX lit and is a myth amongst the other avatars.   She is the feminine voice of logic and reason.

2.   Her DNA is hard wired to the ever changing mood of the ether.  She controls the weather with her hair and nails.  Her tone of voice can change weather patterns and bring the sun closer to the earth.  She is the only avatar that has the ability to move the sun.

3.  The Storm Avatar is the collective conscience of the black matriarch.  She silently controls chaos by embedding her avatar into the subconscious of the ether itself as well as the lower self HOODX avatars.  Like the Tony Fabo Avatar, she is an embodiment of all the other avatars, including the lower self ones, making her ultra congruent in any given situation.  

4.  When Ausar was murdered, Storm was tempted by Set to turn her power over to the Deceptacom.   Although she eventually joined Set, she refused to accept Set's rule over the weather patterns.  After years of intense war, it was decided that Set would be allowed to rule 15% of the weather, while Storm would be allowed to have 15% control  over the electronic airwaves and ELF towers.  Set would eventually go on to betray this pact when the airwaves switched to 100% digital, which left only 5% of the airwaves for Storm to control.  Her voice can still be heard in the midst of the chaos, attempting to bring divine law and order back into HOODX.  

5.  Storm is the ultra feminine, god-like deity in HOODX that brings order out of Chaos.  Like Ma'at, she is the only force that keeps the earth from naturally returning to CCDD.  While Set operates in a manner to make all good eventually lead to chaos (see Program Sill Running Lit), Storm  makes all chaos naturally work for the good and betterment of HOODX.  

6.  Storm has always been a natural enemy if the Deceptacom.  She has attempted to gain control over the Deceptacom many times.  She knows that the Deceptacom is the only force that has more influence over the infinite mind than she does.  This is why Storm's appearance is forever changing.  She is now rarely seen and believed to be dead.  True believers feel that she still exists in the hearts and minds of the HOODX avatars, keeping them from going astray.  TO LISTEN CLICK HERE

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