The All You Gotta Do is Breathe Lit

1.  When experiencing a hypnotic attack from the Thought Adjusters, the body may go into apnea.  Apnea is when the body involuntarily stops breathing.  Apnea usually happens during sleep, however it can be experienced by someone who is wide awake as well.  This is especially true if the person is a smoker of tobacco or opiates.  The "All You Gotta Do is Breathe Lit" is the answer to all internal turmoil that causes the body to go into stress.  By being aware of your breathing, you are opening your infinite mind into the higher self. 

2.  By unconsciously and involuntarily breathing slowly, you may not be aware that you are breathing in chaotic ether that unlocks the lower three chakras of the lower self.  This is especially true in a chaotic situation.  This is known as the "Breathing Under Water Lit."  By unlocking the "All You Gotta Do is Breathe" jewel, the body restores oxygen into the lungs and brain, sending the proper amount of higher signals to the infinite mind that are required to pop lock the chaotic situation. 

3.  The "Headache Lit" and the "Death of the King" are two results of "Breathing Under Water". 

4.  In the film "The Incredible Hulk", Bruce Banner was taught pranayama breathing techniques by real life MMA fighter, Rickson Gracie.  This was done to help him control his anger.   Rickson Gracie's film "Choke" shows how his breathing techniques help support his physical body while undergoing impossible odds. 

5.  In the film "The Matrix", Morpheus asks Neo, "You think that's air you're breathing?" when Neo was still learning how to see through the Matrix.  This was said in order to get Neo to understand that there was an unseen force controlling the ether on a macro level that he was tapped into.  Once Neo realized that it was not actual air that he was breathing, he had his first breakthrough

6.  The answer to any stressful situation.

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