1. CCDD being locked into an Agent of Chaos creating the manifestation of the spirit being locked into a "walking coffin" known as Def.

2. The combination of death and deaf, this is similar to the skull and bones, which is a symbol of death, but not in the physical. It is the willing decision to "put yourself to sleep" by watching movies, listening to music, and engaging in activities that are calcifying your pineal gland and short circuiting the solar self.

 3. Manufactured by the Deceptacom, it traveled analog through the ether, until developed into digital R5 blue vril energy. It mutilates the natural flow of R6 and scatters the one natural avatar in the mind into fragmented versions of itself, known as the Motherfuckers in Between.

4. Def makes the decision making process very difficult, because there are holographic avatars moving through the R6 instead of Ausar, the one, traveling in his boat. Def is symbolic in the death of Ausar.

5. By scattering the mind into fragmented pieces, it keeps people open to the power of suggestion and CCDD. A symptom of this is someone falling under the I Ain't Said Shit lit, or Put Your Life on the Line. This is due to the R6 being addicted to exaggerated drama and not being able to find congruence.

6. The person that gives off the most Exit Wounds and tales of Acceptance of Chaos. They intentionally choose darkness over light, but only at a subconscious level due to scattered Motherfuckers in Between. This is similar to the Stand Unders, but the difference is that Def is actually what the StandUnders are spreading

7. The process called "Jumping in the Coffin" is symbolic of the higher self willingly going into the lower self and being fully aware. This can also be called the Tony Fabo avatar. The coffin is symbolic of the vessel that holds the spirit and keeps it locked into a physical, tangible reality. If one is not aware that they are in their lower self, typically, they are spreading Def.

8.  The Original slang of Def meant "great","awesome", or "terrific". However it was typically used in a circumstance similar to when someone used the word "bad" for something that was actually "good". Another word similar to this is "Wicked", which was main streamed by Ice Cube during the nineties. The original rebellious nature of Def was locked into the physical by Def Jam records, when it was combined with the original slang during the eighties. The word Def eventually took hold to a different meaning as hip hop's principles became mutilated by the main stream. This is why you see many rappers wearing clothes that symbolize darkness, death, and skull & bones.

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